This is a collection of animations I have made mostly on my own. 
I had the chance to work on a music video and I just continued experimenting with the medium
to tell story and bring my ideas to life!
I was inspired by DPR Live's song, Action! and wanted to make a brief animation about a cute little interaction between a barista and a customer.
I wanted to make my drawing look just as "alive" as I do in the photo so I threw some animation on to my toonme illustration. Manon Lou had a really great course on animating her illustrations so I took this as an opportunity to put her tutorial to work!
Creating this animation actually helped me achieve the majority of the goals I set for myself in 2018!
I worked with musical indie artist, Jon Fledge, to create a music video for his song, 747. 
He came up with the concept and I did the character design, storyboards, art assets, and animation 
all on my own. 
If Roverandom was ever made into an animated movie, this is how I imagine
the credits scene to be (along with who I would cast as the voice actors.)
I was obsessed with this song and wanted to illustrate a love triangle
or even an affair of sorts using type, illustration, and motion.
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