I am absolutely in love with this song, Yellow Cab by korean artist, DPR Live and was inspired to create an Instagram filter based off of the music video directed by DPR Ian (https://youtu.be/Z5-ASY-JOj0). I love boosting independent artists and absolutely adored the visuals, lights, colors, and story behind the music video. So I decided to make a filter for fun!

This filter is available on Instagram and you can view and use it on my profile or just search dpr live yellow cab in the filters search bar! 
I found this great tutorial on creating a Y2K filter in Spark AR by QKnow Design (https://youtu.be/78qNu6y_HfQ) and thought the grunge and collage elements in Yellow Cab would translate well into this filter. 
I started off by picking out scenes in the video I liked and hand painted and composed them to fit the vertical format around the user. 
It was also helpful  (and fun) to take note of the motifs going through the video and perhaps create more filters capturing these elements down the road. 
 I went on to sketch these ideas out and temporarily input the backgrounds into the filter on Spark AR. It's best to stick to low fidelity on these so I can correct the images going into the final artwork.  
After testing out the placement of the elements, I moved it on to finish. I kept them fairly simple since more detailed work isn't as visible on a mobile phone-also the user would be taking up most of the space on the screen depending on how close or far they hold it to their face. 
In Spark AR, I added some final touches which were the rounded black corners framing it - just like in the music video. I added a grainy texture over it, used a mango LUT, and a beauty/skin smoothing face mesh. 
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